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My real name is Arnav Gupta

I make Android apps

and build websites on Node.js

and teach people to code @ Coding Blocks

P.S:  I  

My Skills

Android OS/Core

Android UI/Interface

Linux Kernel

Linux Device Drivers

git DVCS

Linux PC Application (C/C++)

Java PC/Mobile Applications

pHp & MySql


Work Experience


Developer Relations Manager YU Televentures , (2014 - )

  • Create Developer Support framework via forums and github resources for developers
  • Workshops, hackathons, conferences and other events to teach/involve Indian Android community into platform development
  • Crowdsource platform development of Android OS


Android Developer Cube26 Software , (2014)

  • Touchless interaction with Android phones.
  • Gesture based intuitive actions for various functions in Android.
  • Minimalist lockscreen redesign with gesture based unlock functions.


Device Maintainer (Sony Xperia) CyanogenMod , (2012 - 2014)

  • Porting latest Android source to older unsupported Android phones
  • Porting latest linux kernel to older phones
  • Custom linux kernels with added functionality
  • Improvements over device drivers, enabling additional hardware functionality


Developer & Device Maintainer AOKP , (2013 - 2014)

  • Double Tap on touchscreen to wake device from sleep
  • Add passive stylus support (pen/pencil) to Xperia Z1
  • Shake/Flip gesture based handling of incoming calls, alarms, notifications etc

My Portfolio

  • Jsfoo 2015

    Home Automation
    in JavascriptTalk

  • DroidCon 2014

    Android OS Source

  • DroidCon 2014

    Android NFC and
    Card EmulationTalk

  • It's 2016, Start Coding Presentation

  • Developing for Android AutoPresentation

  • Building the Android OSPresentation

  • Electron - Desktop Node AppsPresentation

  • Electron - Desktop Node AppsPresentation


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